Organic Tips – Organic Lifestyle Tips

is about…  Anything to do with living an Organic Lifestyle.

In and around the home. In and around the garden.

Anything in our lives that we can introduce a chemical free existence.  From a dictionary definition point of view, or a ‘chemistry’ perspective, the word ‘organic’ really means carbon based, so a stone or pebble is ‘organic’.  Anything that comes from the earth if you like.

Modern usage of the word is a slight adaptation that means anything that is as ‘natural’ as possible without the introduction of ‘synthasized’ chemicals.

Around the world there are established regulatory bodies whose job it is to ensure that those who label their products or produce as ‘organic’ meet some very strict standards.

Of course this regulation can only go so far, so it is still advised that we educate ourselves, and where possible, particularly in the case of food that we consider producing our own as much as possible.  I realise this is not always practical, however, it is surprising just what you can produce for yourself even if you live in a suburban setting.

This site is aimed at highlighting some of the issues surrounding the damaging effects of our modern lifestyle, as well as ways we can get back to a more ‘natural’ and I believe conducive lifestyle for health and well being.