Chickens4Wealth Review – Part 2

by Lynne on June 29, 2011

Chickens 4 Wealth Review

**UPDATE: The Chickens4Wealth Course is no longer available, but I have found a product that I’m very happy to recommend instead. It provides information about growing food for a homestead. It’s called My Survival Farm.**


Chickens4Wealth Review on the Videos of the Course

Chickens4WealthThe Chickens4Wealth course comes with the ebook, videos and the audio ebook as well.  The videos are not as comprehensive as the ebook, however, they supplement nicely the ebook course.

There are Keeping Chickens 14 videos included in this course and below I go through each one individually with what they are about.

Video 1 – How To Keep Chickens Naturally

07:12 in length

Jonathan White brings out some very good points as he goes through examining the natural habitat for chickens, and what it means to provide a healthy environment for them to live in.  He talks about providing conditions that provides for not only their physical needs, but their emotional needs as well. He outlines why if you look after them appropriately how it will avoid problems as you go along, and also it goes without saying that healthy chickens provide healthier food whether it is the eggs or the chickens themselves.

Video 2 – Bringing Chickens Home

06:35 in length

The video starts with ‘So you have chosen the breed of chicken you want’…. However this is not something that has been mentioned, I notice that he does address Chicken Breeds in a later video.  Jonathan also suggests that you have their ‘home’ all set up and ready for them.  Again, no suggestions as to what the best ‘home’ would be. Of course general principles are mentioned in the first video, but more specific examples are not given until a later video. He gives some excellent tips on how to manage your chickens, particularly if you want them to free range. He discusses ways to ‘train’ your chickens which helps to manage them.  (I believe there is more detail on these points in the ebook, which I have yet to review)

Video 3 – What chickens don’t like

04:07 in length

Things that will cause chickens stress are discussed, and how you need to provide conditions that will prevent this.  Stressed animals, particularly over a longer time period will prevent them from being healthy and will also reduce the number of eggs that they lay.  So you will definitely want to know how to prevent these problems from happening.  He gives visual examples of how to catch a chicken without causing it stress, and even how to get domestic dogs used to them, so that they don’t have problems co-existing.

Video 4 – The negative side to chickens

04:00 in length

In this video Jonathan discusses the potential reasons why people don’t think they should keep chickens.  He talks about the perceived negatives as well as the actual negative points with keeping chickens; some common concerns that people express as to why they are concerned about keeping chickens. He also mentions ways to get around these potential issues.  He covers how you might keep chickens in a permanent enclosure or chicken coop.

Video 5 – Chicken breeds

02:37 in length

Jonathan goes through some of the available Chicken breeds, and brings up some good points that are worth taking into account before you go out to buy your chickens.  He goes through the expected productive lifetime of a chicken. He also mentions why it might actually be a good idea to get a variety of breeds, but with some cautions to be noted.

Video 6 – Manure

07:58 in length

Chicken Manure is one of the many benefits of having chickens; however, there is even an ideal way to manage the Chicken Manure which is an inevitable result that comes wth keeping chickens. He gives a simple system for managing their manure that doesn’t require daily intervention. There is also given instructions for how to best use your manure so that you can provide excellent compost for your gardens – yes, even here there is a better way to use your manure! Following Jonathans suggestions will definitely make looking after your chickens so much easier, as well as have you enjoying their benefits sooner and for longer.

Video 7 – Chicken tractors

05:53 in length

Chicken tractors are discussed and Jonathan goes into the best way to use them effectively.  It is important that if you intend to keep your chickens in a Chicken tractor, that you do it in the right way, without cramping your chickens.  He discusses how to utilize your chickens to ‘prepare’ your garden beds.  There are many benefits when this system is properly managed and providing you do not put too many chickens in a small space, then it can also be a healthy way to care for your chickens. He also introduces how beneficial it can be to incorporate guinea pigs into the management system… quite ingenious!  If you want an easy to manage ‘no dig’ garden method, you are going to love this one.

This video makes the price of the course more than well worth it, in my opinion.

Video 8 – Permanent enclosures

06:01 in length

Jonathan discusses his own personal method for housing his chickens.  He uses both a permanent chicken enclosure as well as chicken tractors.  He goes through the points that make his enclosure a very ‘chicken friendly’ environment. He also talks about what type of protection that your chickens require. Of course your chickens need to be safe from predators, but he also explains what sort of space they need, which might be quite different to what is commonly thought.  You also need to be sure of methods to provide clean food and water.

Video 9 – Getting them to lay in the egg box

04:55 in length

This is a great video, where Jonathan tells a story of a chicken that he used to own, the problems she caused, and how he dealt with the problem.  One point that is covered is how to tell if your eggs are fresh, and this is particularly relevant if you have a rogue chicken that establishes a ‘secret’ nest, for when you eventually locate it.  He discusses ways to avoid this happening as well.  There is also a simple way to provide for the brooding habits of chickens.

Video 10 – Making an egg box

03:14 in length

This is a short video but gives a practical demonstration of how to build your own egg boxes or nesting boxes for your chickens.  Jonathan not only demonstrate how to build it, but discusses ways of making sure it will last a long time

Video 11 – Scaly leg mite

02:29 in length

Chicken Diseases are discussed, in particular, scaly let mite which is a common problem that can affect chickens and if not acted upon early can become very severe.  He demonstrates how he treats this problem as well as how frequently you may need to treat the disease.  He doesn’t really discuss what causes the problem, and he uses petroleum based products to treat them, so my personal thought is that I would prefer to find some other, perhaps less potentially toxic alternatives.

Video 12 – Making money from chickens

04:59 in length

Jonathan mentions 4 ways about how you can make money from your chickens and discusses how you can decide on suitable price points. He also gives some tips to increase profits and how to have your own customers.

Video 13 – Guinea pig tractor

03:36 in length

In this video, Jonathan discusses in more details the other half of his excellent no dig garden system he mentioned earlier. This is such an ingenious method and actually makes me seriously consider getting guinea pigs… This system not only saves heaps of work, it also avoids having to rely on machinery and the cost and maintenance that they require.

Video 14 – Food Security

02:17 in length

In this video Jonathan White explains some of his philosophy for a healthier world where more people are providing more food for themselves. Living in an more self-sustainable way. He explains how chickens are perfect to create such a system. Giving the way the world is heading, having a safe and secure food source is really just a sensible idea. This video really just provides the motives behind creating and distributing the Chickens4Wealth course.

Chickens4Wealth Videos Review Summary

My overall opinion of this Keeping Chickens course so far, is that is excellent. There are a couple of things I would like to see, and I have not gone through the ebook as yet, but the course doesn’t cover things like looking after chickens in a climate where it snows.  The course was made in Australia, and while there are some snow regions here, they are few.  As far as the rest of the course goes, I think it is very relevant to any geographical location… well maybe with some extreme exceptions…. like if you live in the middle of the Sahara Dessert or on the South Pole. 🙂

Also I would like to take this opportunity to mention that I don’t promote products I would not or have not purchased myself or that don’t fit into my own life values, and I am pleased to say that I can happily recommend the Chickens4Wealth Course.  I personally love self-sufficient ways of living from organic gardening to keeping chickens, and I would encourage as many people as are able, to consider doing the same, particularly the way things are going in the world at the moment.

The  videos for the Chickens4Wealth Course are well done, informative and helpful for implementing the techniques suggested in the course, and there are a couple of gems that I think are very valuable for anyone considering keeping chickens, organic gardening or living a self-sufficient lifestyle.

**UPDATE: The Chickens4Wealth Course is no longer available, but I have found a product that I’m very happy to recommend instead. It provides information about growing food for a homestead. It’s called My Survival Farm.**

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