Ferry-Morse Organic Spinach Seeds – Bloomsdale Long Standing

March 19, 2011

Ferry-Morse Organic Spinach Seeds Ferry-Morse 3121 Organic Seed Company Offers USDA Organic Seeds This Ferry-Morse seed packet contains organic spinach seeds which will plant approximately a 34 foot row These seeds are USDA organic; guaranteed to grow 45 days to harvest Plant 1/2-inch deep, 12-inch row spacing, and 6-inch plant spacing; cool weather crop Includes […]

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My Food 4 Wealth Experience – The Full Blown Honest Review – Part 1!

March 18, 2011

Food 4 Wealth Experience – Part 1 **UPDATE: Unfortunately, the Food 4 Wealth course is no longer available, but I have found a product that I’m very happy to recommend instead. It follows a similar ‘low maintenance‘ style of gardening, and has the addition of  other aspects you might have on a homestead. It’s called […]

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Organic horticulture & Organic gardening systems

February 28, 2011

Organic horticulture & Organic gardening systems Organic horticulture employs the crucial principles of organic agriculture for the successful herbs, fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants growing. These principles concern the management of pests in the garden, soil composition and conservation, etc. Mulches, Double Digging, Compost and Other Organic Delights… Mulches, Double Digging, compost, Vermicompost, cover […]

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Benefits of Organic Gardening

February 21, 2011

Organic Gardening – The Many Benefits of Organic Gardening Organic Gardening is becoming more and more popular… and it is no wonder when you consider the many benefits you get from growing your own organic vegetables. There are so many random chemicals making their way into the food chain it is no wonder there are […]

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