Chickens4Wealth Review – Part 1

by Lynne on June 16, 2011

Chickens 4 Wealth Review

My Survival Farm top**UPDATE: The Chickens4Wealth Course is no longer available, but I have found a product that I’m very happy to recommend instead. It provides information about growing food for a homestead. It’s called My Survival Farm.**



Is Chickens4Wealth worth buying? I want to give you the information to decide that point for yourself.

Keeping Chickens can definitely be a rewarding experience, however, it is always good to proceed with caution before undertaking any long term project that involves keeping animals. It is important to research the subject and gather together all your information before hand so that you can prepare to ensure not only the success of your venture, but also so you can get the most benefit from it.

Below I am beginning my Review of Chickens 4 Wealth which is a very new product that has been produced by the same team that put together Food 4 Wealth (which I have not finished reviewing – so apologies for ‘dropping the ball’ there, perhaps this will give me the kick in the pants I need to finish that one).  Here is the first part of my review, and I hope it helps you with making your decision about purchasing the course, but also about deciding to utilize the benefits that keeping chickens can bring.

On the Chickens 4 Wealth download page there is a short welcome video and then all the downloads.  I like that they provide download links for all the videos, as I prefer to download them to watch them whenever I want.

Keeping ChickensThe course includes a 137 page pdf ebook. Jonathan White goes into far more detail within the book, so the videos provide just some added visual information which is helpful.  I will go through the ebook in more detail shortly. Also included in the downloads for the course are two zipped files, one is titled incorrectly as I am reviewing the course, however, this may be fixed by the time you get to the download page.

The first zipped file contains the mp3 version of the Chickens 4 Wealth ebook, which is great for those who have trouble reading, don’t like to read, or just prefer to listen perhaps while driving the car.  The music at the start does remind me of a children program, like ‘Playschool’, (I think it is the same as they have used in the beginning of the Food 4 Wealth Course), however, that is just an aside.  Jonathan is doing the audio himself, so it has not been done by a third party, which I think is good, as we or perhaps I should say, I have gotten used to seeing and hearing Jonathan 🙂

He starts out with a specific dialogue that is not in the book or the videos, before he starts to read the actual Chickens 4 Wealth ebook.  The audio length is 3:05:23 long, so you will likely not be listening to it in one session.  It would provide some interesting listening material, however, for a long road trip or maybe in installments on the commute to and from work.

One small negative I can mention is that they have different quality of audio throughout, where they have obviously recorded the audio in different ways or locations. While this is not a big point, it would be nicer to have the sound quality the same throughout the recording.

The second zipped file, is the one that has been incorrectly named, as an Audiobook (MP4), when actually it contains another pdf file, full of useful checklists and guidelines.  This is a great addition to the Chickens for Wealth course and will make planning for, buying and keeping your chickens much simpler and will also save you having to make so many notes when going through the course material.  You might want to check these out before you read the course or go through the Chicken 4 Wealth videos.

The checklists included are listed below:

  • Things to Consider Before Getting Chickens
  • Things you will need before getting chickens
  • Things to look for when choosing Chickens
  • How to Bring them Home
  • Adapting and Training Your New Chickens
  • How to Change to a ‘Set Amount’ Diet
  • How to Start Free-Ranging
  • Enclosure Maintenance
  • Husbandry Maintenance

In addition to the above there are the supplementary videos for the course, and I will go through these as well as the ebook in a separate part of this review.  So come back for part 2 of my Chickens 4 Wealth Review.


**UPDATE: The Chickens4Wealth Course is no longer available, but I have found a product that I’m very happy to recommend instead. It provides information about growing food for a homestead. It’s called My Survival Farm.**

My Survival Farm top

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