Benefits of Organic Gardening

by Lynne on February 21, 2011

Organic Gardening – The Many Benefits of Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening is becoming more and more popular…

and it is no wonder when you consider the many benefits you get from growing your own organic vegetables.

Organic GardeningThere are so many random chemicals making their way into the food chain it is no wonder there are so many chronic illnesses on the increase.  Of course food is not the only problem as there are pollutants in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and also in our cars and homes.  Even clothing contains a number of harmful chemicals which can be absorbed into our bodies via our skin.

A lot of these chemicals are being linked not only to cancer but also to auto-immune disorders and even birth defects. Of course there are a lot of these chemicals that have not even been appropriately tested.

There are many benefits long term for eradicating undesirable chemicals from our lives in any way we can.  It is all but impossible to eradicate all of these things, but every little bit counts and the more we can achieve, the more benefits we will receive.

Organic gardening is just one thing that we can do to ensure our food source is not only chemical free but also higher in nutrition due to how we can build up the soil, and then pick fresh straight to the kitchen.

Why is organic better than ‘non-organic’ gardening? There are two main things that you use when not using an organic system; they are chemicals to kill pests and rid plants of diseases and artificial fertilizers.

Most people are becoming better educated as to the dangers of the harmful chemicals that are found in a lot of these ‘non-organic’ products.  The problems that occur include killing off beneficial insects. (This is one theory as to why bees are decreasing in numbers.)

Of course a certain amount of these chemicals can be absorbed directly into the plants not only through leaves, but via the root system as these chemicals enter into the soil. The chemicals often contaminate the soil for years to come, so even if you don’t use chemicals yourself, if someone else has gardened there recently then you have no idea what might be lurking in the soil.

Getting your soil tested if you have any doubts can be a good start.  Then making sure you build up your soil with things like home made or bought organic compost, mulches and seaweed type solutions.

Of course there is more to getting your garden producing, but I will leave that for another time.  The main thing to remember here, is that you can grow some of the healthiest and best tasting vegetables that you will ever find. Fresh from the garden, packed with nutrients and flavor. You won’t want anything else once you get used to ‘growing your own’.

Of course there are many benefits of organic gardening, however, all is not lost if you are not able to do this for yourself, as there are more and more organic options available in stores.  The more we demand organic the more these retail outlets will seek to supply.  So best choice, if you can, grow your own to enjoy the many benefits of organic gardening.

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